Robert Finicum and Right-Wing Hypocrisy


Robert “LaVoy” Finicum -Getty Images

Well into a month of the formerly Ammon Bundy led occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the simmering stand-off between the police and the Libertarian, Citizens for Constitutional Freedom had reached a boiling point. Ammon Bundy, arrested earlier this week with six other members of the occupational force after the death of one of their members has called to the remaining members to stand down. For Ammon Bundy, he feels that the physical fight is over and the point has been made to the nation, now they’re seeking to further the case in court. Ammon Bundy made a written statement to have been read after the hearing by his attorney, Mike Arnold.

“To those remaining at the refuge, I love you. Let us take this fight from here. Please stand down. Please stand down. Go home and hug your families. This fight is ours for now — in the courts.”

Despite how high-profile the situation has been for the media this last month, their comrade, Robert LaVoy Finicum, was shot dead under previously unknown circumstances which have been made clear in a video released by the FBI below.

Ammon Bundy along with six others were charged with conspiring to impede federal officials from discharging official duties using force and intimidation. While Ammon Bundy is now taking a stance of advocating peace, despite his prior statements, it seems that this murder of Robert Finicum could have adverse effects for ending the occupation. While Mr. Bundy has called for nonviolence, others amongst the occupational force have called for the murder of federal officials in a video statement.

“There are no laws in this United States now! This is a free-for-all Armageddon!”, “-they stop you from getting here, kill them!”

The death of Mr. Finicum could herald in the end of the occupation but it has yet to be seen if it could galvanize the anti-authority interests of nationwide Libertarians. Small rallies have cropped up across the nation but no direct action against the government has been seen.

Just within the first couple days of the occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Reservation, we witnessed death threats from liberal outlets, honestly not too surprising from the boot-licking liberals but even some amongst the ranks of communists and far-left advocated for the government to crush the Bundy occupation. The illogic and injustice of the occupation of a public space can be argued and challenged, to see communists who should be against the excessive violence of our government calling for their destruction was disgusting. While plenty of confused Tankies exist among our ranks and degrade the reputation of communism (which is already is severe disarray in the U.S.) we should use events such as these to exposure their authoritarian nature and boot them from our collectives. We can argue over the ethics and contradictions between supporting an imperialist and corrupt regime when it serves a morally ambiguous service to the people, but to call for government backed violence is a new low.

It seems that all those liberals and pseudo-communists can collectively rejoice now that blood has been shed and for once the conservatives can understand what it feels like to deal with an unjustifiable state murder. While the comparison can not be made to the fatal shooting of 12 year old Tamir Rice by police officers, the conservative outlets reflect on Mr. Finicums murder like it’s their own #JusticeForTamir.

Before the release of the video, speculation from the right-wing conspiracy theorists suggested that Finicum was shot on his knees, execution style. While we can all argue what exactly Finicum was reaching for in his same pocket which had a loaded 9mm pistol and we can even argue the use of state violence against the occupiers; what can’t be argued is the hypocrisy by both right-wing media outlets as well as their viewers. Might I suggest advice to the right-wing who feel there’s injustice in Finicums murder?

  1. Had Finicum not been breaking the laws, he wouldn’t have been killed by the police. Why not try following the laws?
  2. Where was this man’s mother? Why didn’t his parents “bring him up right”? Honestly the blame should be on his family for his actions.
  3. Why was Finicum playing with firearms?
  4. You realize that the FBI and police were put into a dangerous situation, how would you have reacted?

See how the tables turn so easily? When it’s a white Libertarian, NOW the right-wing calls out the injustice of state murder, even when they were faced with an openly antagonistic force. The details might be subject to investigation but we can be pretty certain that Tamir Rice never called for the murder of police officers, nor did he try to take over a public space by force. For liberals and pseudo-communists, the only organizing they’re capable of is advocating state-murder and for conservatives the only time they can understand the injustice of state-murder is when it happens to a white Libertarian.


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