Alex In Wonerland

Jack Kinzler, Rise! Magazine

“Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones!”

“King of conspiracy nuts, Alex Jones!”

“Tinfoil hat wearing, Alex Jones!”


Trailing the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the liberal media outlets were quick to publish pieces on the once obscure founder of InfoWars and host of The Alex Jones Show, Alex Jones. The radio broadcast under his name airs out of the Genesis Communications Network, capturing over 90 AM/FM stations across the United States. His rise from a humble documentary filmmaker beginning in the late 1990’s with, America Destroyed By Design has been followed by a roller coaster of a career that has gained him the ear of our most recently elected U.S. oligarch. Having a knack for latching onto conspiracy theories before they are in the limelight, like a sort of conspiracy hipster, has accrued the now 43 year old radio show host with a monolithic audience. Triumphing over the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones pioneered by introducing an online 24-hour stream of his daily shows. His rise to fame through the internet, virally marketing his image and bypassing traditional media through the establishment of guerrilla journalism certainly holds many similarities with the 2015-2016 rise of Donald Trump.

InfoWars, a website which serves to host The Alex Jones show and articles from dozens of contributors, has exploded into popularity for its offbeat “analysis” of the 2016 election. In the month leading up to the 2016 U.S. election, saw thirty-five million total visits with about 32% of the overall traffic coming from website referrals; the bulk of referrals coming from the equally controversial, DrudgeReport. Holding ties with Matt Drudge of DrudgeReport and a supposed link with President Trump have lead to an absolute explosion in their operational capacity. Riding into 2016 it was promised that money donated during his explosive 2015 Operation Money Bomb would go towards establishing a television broadcast system for his viewers. The entire money bomb event was built on the unsubstantiated fear surrounding Jade Helm 15, so it’s not too surprising that the costly television network idea has been swept under the rug. Instead, the proceeds likely went straight into Alex Jone’s pocket. It’s also probable that the donations from the Money Bomb went to the $5000 cash rewards to people who would scream “Bill Clinton is a rapist” on live T.V., in a campaign pushed by Infowars leading up to the 2016 election. So when Alex Jones said that their operation would be establishing a television broadcast system, he really meant that they would hire a few people to scream on actual television broadcasts.

What is Jade Helm 15, or rather, what was Jade Helm 15 supposed to be? Jade Helm 15 was a U.S. military operation held throughout several western states during the summer of 2015 by about 1,200 U.S. troops. The official purpose, although vague, was to “improve the Special Operations Forces’ capability as part of the National Security Strategy”. Scores of U.S. citizens seemed enraged or frightened that the U.S. military were openly drilling in the U.S. with the logic being that if you are preparing to fight ISIS, you would not be training in U.S. towns or cities. Conspiracy theorists were quick to suggest that “communist Czar”, Comrade Supreme Obama, was going to use the training as a pretext for a military occupation of Texas. Jade Helm 15 came to an uneventful conclusion while the usual current of fear mongering was in full force at InfoWars. Alex Jones mindfully orchestrated his timely Operation Money Bomb following the escalating hysteria as a way to fleece his provoked followers. Liberal media outlets, hell-bent on making a sensationalist headline, misrepresented claims by Alex Jones. They had “misinterpreted” that Alex Jones had been on a campaign claiming that Jade Helm 15 was an imminent invasion of Texas, whereas Alex Jones merely stated that the operation were in preparation by the U.S. government for future anti-civilian maneuvers, yet the implications and suggestions were clear.

Liberal media outlets are more concerned with creating headlines for their audience, effectively taking the Infowars bait, which allow him to play the victim. Youtube videos released by Infowars leading up to Jade Helm 15 noted in their descriptions that the military drill was NOT a martial law takeover. The Internet Time Machine confirms that these video descriptions have not been tampered with since posting. So, Alex Jones never stirred up paranoia surrounding the operation? Not exactly.

During a May 10th, 2015 broadcast, Jones stated:

“The whole battle plan just pretty much just clicked in as my prime projection, doesn’t mean it’s what going to happen but folks, know it usually is what happens when I break down these analysis because I just live this stuff. They may attack troops during Jade Helm because they keep saying ‘isn’t this dangerous, to have the military out now and these people have lied about them?’ I kept saying years ago, they would then attack military during drills. Blame us for it. And then start the civil war that way. Then they’ll use the giant drill to bootleg putting in their mercenaries or foreign forces who will launch the attack with compartmentalization and then it’s blamed on us. That’s how they start the civil war.”

While Alex Jones was keen to never specifically state that martial law was absolutely happening, it’s always imminent. That is the nature of Jones as a whole. There is no verifiable immediate threat but there are a million threats around every corner. We don’t need to combat anything but we should live in constant fear. Sure, the troops may not be bringing martial law but they are supposedly training to massacre civilians. What kind of message does that send to an audience? There are only so many times that you can give someone the benefit of the doubt before you begin to consider that Jones is just using some legitimate ideas as a ploy to thread an overarching narrative where there is none. When Jones comes at us with an analysis lacking a concrete basis, we should note that for what it is, a way to justify his claims. Even when these predictions do not come true, most people have forgotten as the hype dies down and those who do hold his feet to the fire on air are written off as being “trolls” or “Soros agents”. He doesn’t always shy from explicitly state the imminent danger of nuclear war or martial law but most instances he will employ false probabilities to essentially cover his ass.

More Than A Nut

Duke of Deception, Alex Jones, has built a career off of mixing half truths with lunacy to provoke a culture of absolute constant fear similar to the likes of mainstream media. That is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of InfoWars, the truth is present yet skewed in such a way as to deflect attention away from the real problems of capitalism and towards some phantom. InfoWars uses some facts and real documents to springboard into the depths of speculation and conspiracy theory, weaving a profitable narrative. While it is sensible when InfoWars suggests that the world is run by something of a cabal of the rich, they plunge into a realm of speculation before taking on sensible examination. From the fairly right-libertarian politics of Alex Jones and InfoWars, they fall into the same issue of having to combat what are the symptoms of capitalism while sticking their fingers in their ears about from where the symptoms manifest. The rich elite that InfoWars paints as their villain are not people acting within the inherently corrupting system of capitalism but rather a cabal of comically evil villains straight out of an Austin Powers film. Their motives are not to maximize profits at the expense of exploiting workers and irrevocably destroying our ecosystem in the process but to cull populations due to their secret occultist ways and midnight rendezvous with Satan. Taken to the extreme, we see the same kind of behavior from David Icke who proposes that all the ruling elite are lizard aliens. It’s not lizard people or secret Satanists, it’s an issue of capitalism as a whole.

What Alex Jones and InfoWars as a whole sell to their audience is a dangerous game of blaming the individuals (George Soros tends to be their punching bag boogeyman) without acknowledging the enabling system of capitalism. Should we hold those in politics and finance accountable for any crimes against the people? Absolutely. Will that alone resolve the problem? Not without dramatically altering the current economic and political system, removing the structure that allows for exploitation. Take for instance the death of David Rockefeller who passed away peacefully at the age of 101 just this last March. Libertarians, conspiracy theories, anarchists, and communists alike all rejoiced at the death of David Rockefeller, failing to acknowledge that the system which enabled Rockefeller has unfortunately not perished with him. His businesses continue, his dynasty continues, and more importantly the system itself continues. Failing to acknowledge how the system of capitalism promotes and enables individuals to exploit the working class is to entirely debilitate ourselves from taking meaningful action. It’s as an attempt to kill the Hyrda by flailing ineffectively at one head, ignoring the body from which all the heads are similarly attached to.

Pushing this idea of blaming the individuals and not the system serves one function for Infowars and Jones. Alex Jones has been the spearhead for radicalizing the fringe elements of U.S. libertarians through a decade long propaganda and disinformation effort. The contradictions of Jones do not end at ignoring blatant issues of late-capitalism but go further into his anti-state rhetoric. Like a pendulum, Jones seems to be ever shifting back and forth on his stances of how to change what he feels is a Globalist driven  world state. From belligerent cries to rise up against the oppressive U.S. plutocracy, then back to cherishing the police which are guard dogs for the bourgeoisie. From making cash off of sponsors that sell preparation supplies for domestic catastrophe, to claiming that Soros funded “communist provocateurs” are the bane of protesting movements and to blame for any future “civil war”. From paranoid remarks that the entire world is controlled by Illuminati globalists who seek to eradicate vast swaths of the population, to claiming that voting in billionaire capitalist Trump is enough to break the system. Taking his audience for a daily three hour roller coaster ride, Jones manages to play off the existing paranoia and fear of listeners while also ensuring that none of them take radical action to change the system.

InfoWars as a whole corrals their viewers into an assumption that their lives and the issues they face within capitalism can only be addressed in two ways.

One, buying products from InfoWars and affiliates in order to prepare for the globalist genocide. Products sold by InfoWars all revolve around preparation. Water filtration systems, body armor, iodine, and vitality supplements are constantly shoved down the throats of viewers, promoting a culture of imminent doom.

The second function, InfoWars listeners are sold the idea that they can relinquish personal responsibility onto Alex Jones who will do the fighting for them. InfoWars essentially manages to control a group of the U.S. population who is incredibly likely to rise up against capitalism; the poor, armed, working class. Through peddling libertarian ideological garbage, InfoWars attempts to excuse the hardships which capitalism saddles us with while making a buck. With each passing month, this parasite and lecherous worm of a man reaches his grubby fingers into the pockets of the lower classes. His operation expands, the sophistication of the psychological warfare operation on his audience increases, and his palatial mc-mansion estate gets a new furniture set, that or his exquisite 3,000 square foot apartment overlooking Austin.

Many who listen to Alex Jones are in essence, disillusioned with bourgeois democracy and capitalism. Unfortunately, capitalism has (by Liberals and Right wingers alike) been wrapped with the U.S. flag to become more appealing. For them, to acknowledge the corruption in capitalism is an attack on the flag and an attack on the flag is an attack on the troops who endure suffering overseas to keep them safe. They been instilled from birth by an ideological worship of the U.S. state and Alex Jones is selling just the product tailored to their needs. InfoWars challenges the status-quo but without rocking the boat too hard, which is why leftist protests and communist ideas that would enlighten viewers on the root cause of their daily problems are consistently packaged as “Globalist garbage”. Infowars has a horse in the race and an inherent interest not challenging their audiences perceptions on nationalism, capitalism, and class exploitation.

Two Decades of Impeding Doom

Jone’s has had many past flirtations with outright lying to his audience and drumming up a climate of fear. These are not minute instances like fluoride in the water or bisexual fish, but claims of full scale war with Russia. In 1999, Alex Jones went on an outright tirade against Russia and China, crafting “well-researched” and “journalistic claims” on the spot. Among these claims was an inevitable global nuclear war, martial law, civil unrest, global economic collapse, resource shortages, and the need for U.S. citizens to “rise up”. Individuals like Alex Jones who play an extremely dangerous game of crying wolf should be indicted for provoking mass hysteria and pushing listeners to literally abandon their homes due to his inept journalism. This is not an unforgivable slip up, it’s an attack on the well being of his audience. Jones is always careful to state vague probabilities of an attack on the people but the imminent danger is clear.

“I’d say there’s about a 50 to 60 percent chance that we’re going to have a major war with Russia, there’s going to be a total world-wide financial meltdown and basically World War 3.”

Alex Jones, June 20th 2015

Robert Stone, political consultant and lobbyist who formerly worked with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has had an increased presence on InfoWars following the election. Stone’s presence on the InfoWars broadcasts have been ringing of the same boogeyman prophecy which has plagued all of Alex Jones’s career. Take for instance this segment of Roger Stone on November 9th 2016.

“The agenda of endless war, an erosion of our civil liberties, massive debt, and bailout for the guys on Wall Street? Let me tell you something. Under President Trump, the crooks on Wall Street who rip people off and make billions, they’re going to prison.”

Looking back on this quote after eight months, we can clearly see the massive failure of Roger Stone’s claims. The agenda of endless war will cease with Trump? Not quite, we have seen an escalation of imperialist aggression both in Syria and North Korea.  Escalation which costs the U.S. taxpayer millions per each childish lashing out by Trump as he attempts to correct those failing popularity polls with bombs. As well as granting arms to states that promote terror and human rights atrocities, like Saudi Arabia. We’re going to see Trump championing for civil liberties? Quite the opposite. Cutting massive debt? More like giving more U.S. money to defense contractors. Prison for the guys on Wall Street? More like, new jobs. Besides making lies around their presidential candidate, InfoWars and Roger Stone have been on a crusade against China. There have been accusations of U.S. occupation or attacks from Russia, North Korea, and China by Jones. Like the changing of seasons, Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China are in a constant cycle for inciting fear. From a one sided analysis of international disputes, Alex Jones bends facts into a NWO acid trip.

I had meant to give a blow-by-blow report on the instances of which Alex Jones has lied to his audience and mixed legitimate concerns with outright delusion but such an undertaking is damn near impossible. InfoWars thrives by throwing as much bullshit at the wall as possible and hoping at least some of it sticks. Deranged predictions that do not come to fruition are safely buried under the sheer amount of content which InfoWars produces. Besides the written news coverage and opinion pieces, InfoWars puts out a new three hour program six days a week. The broadcasts are archived online by independent Youtubers as well as a channel which is curated by InfoWars. While Youtube would be the best way for individuals to do research into the lies put out by Alex Jones, that they post around ten videos a day makes their channel a mess.

Besides the sheer scale of their operation, InfoWars also has the luxury of being out of the “lamestream media”. While the mainstream media is corrupted by the influence of capital, journalists in the mainstream generally have more accountability for false predictions. Alex Jones has absolutely zero accountability so his constant fumbling with international issues can be written of as a small mistake in the “ongoing information war against the New World Order”. Often times though, his audience never holds him accountable on air for his constant fear mongering. The few instances of disillusioned “InfoWarriors” making it on air to express concerns over the faulty information being sold to the audience are either written off for having no evidence of the statements which Alex made or are treated as provocateurs. Make no mistake, those disillusioned callers to Infowars are those who have broken from the fear mongering which Jones directly profits off of.

While it’s impossible to take record of all their delusions and lies, take for instance the detached ramblings of InfoWars associate, Paul Joseph Watson as he tackles the Xbox Kinect camera.

Instances like these are an epitome of the InfoWars-style paranoia complex. Microsoft, being an enormous corporation, surely has a litany of issues. Instead of tackling real issues regarding these corporations and examining their methods of exploitation; InfoWars goes for the most insane ramblings that can possibly be spun into a sensational headline. “Microsoft Xbox’s Kinect Camera Can See Your Penis!” admittedly sounds more exciting to read than, “Factory Workers Abused in the Production of the Xbox”. And that sensationalist headline means more views to their site which means more potential buyers for their supplements.

What Trump and Jones do not want you to realize is that the fight is not hard. In fact, the fight against capitalism is extremely easy if we unite as communities against these leeches and oppressors. They have a vested interest in preserving the system while feigning a battle. Jones not only makes enough money to get by but he lives extravagantly off of his audience, eating zebra steaks from his beautiful Austin apartment, who should be putting their own resources to better use. Don’t assume that this fight is too far above you. If you are under the heel of capitalism you fully understand the conditions regarding your exploitation, don’t feel the need to pass responsibility on to someone else. Unite as a community. Unite as workers.

It’s the hot-headed temperament of Jones which can seem tantalizing for his viewers, surely someone this angry, this passionate, must be honest. Unfortunately, there are those like Jones who manage to build a cult of personality, a sort of ideological cul-de-sac where-in no amount of sharing his content, no amount of preparation, no amount of donations to his network will change the system which crushes the backs of  workers. His network is a sinkhole that cripples our chances to unite as communities, to become class conscious and aware of how to combat our exploitation in meaningful ways.

I’m Beginning to Feel like a Meme God

For a few weeks Alex Jones had been notably absent from his own program, locked into a grueling custody battle. Not to further sensationalize his personal custody battle, the court proceedings do bring forth a bulk of intriguing information about Jones and his media network. From bourgeoisie extravagance like his many properties and dining on zebra steaks while claiming ad-nauseum that donations go straight to “funding the info war!”, to admitting that his show is an act. In a bid to win the custody battle which it’s reported he has lost as of April 27th, his defense included that his anger and lashing out via Infowars was simply a character. A character much like how Stephen Colbert used to portray himself as a right-wing commentator in the vein of Bill O’Reilly. Either Jones is completely off-the-hinges or is putting on a show to bait his audience, neither prospect is particularly hopeful for viewers. Jones supporters often rush to claim, “Well he’s just making that claim for the custody battle, he said so on air!”, isn’t that exactly what someone looking to pull the wool over your eyes would tell you?

While it is easy to paint Jones as a complete basket case, as liberal media often does, it misses the point of his media operation entirely. More important than being a news source, InfoWars is a business for Alex Jones, who has profited handsomely off his network of deception. A man who in his custody battle has bragged about being a “Number One Meme”. There’s a level of self-awareness with Alex Jones, bragging of how much he enjoys the memes made of him. Even derogatory meme’s can spread like wildfire, putting out a fishing net that can rope in a few new supporters. For Infowars, any press is good press. The insanity of the broadcast, fanciful conspiracy theories, and clickbait articles are testament to that.

To the audience of Alex Jones, stop for a moment and step out of his echo-chamber. Consider where your hardships as the working class resonate from. Do the research for yourself when you hear outlandish claims. There are plenty of those both on our own publication as well as in Marxist circles that would be more than happy to elaborate on issues that you face, offering tangible solutions where Jones offers nothing but subservience to purchasing vitality supplements.

For those that aren’t fans of InfoWars, acknowledge the influence which Alex Jones and the right-wing “anti-media” has had over this recent election, and consider why that might be. The working class are clearly concerned with the issues of capitalism that effect their daily existence, feed them the truth. Give solutions where Alex Jones only offers fantasies meant to distract from direct action against the cruelties of capitalism. Do not assume that “it’s not my job to educate you”, it’s literally your only job as a revolutionary. Give an open hand to the working class and help them see their exploitation under capitalism for what it really is. The listeners of Jones are looking for answers in the injustices that they face as well, they have only managed to happen upon a dead-end. Alex Jones has a vested interest in keeping his audience in line and preserving the system of capitalism, squaring away his audience from subversive ideas to maintain his revenue. Pull the rug out from under his pudgy capitalist trotters.



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